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PRUF Energy Solutions

You shouldn’t have to compromise the quality of what you’re building. We’ve rethought the lighting materials supply chain to afford you new possibilities. From product selection to site delivery, we’ve improved how you acquire lighting materials for your build project. We introduce substantial savings, improve your product quality, and offer dedicated support to your endeavors.

Pruf provides finish-out materials and value-add services for build projects throughout North America. We tailor every solution to best suit our client’s budget, timeline and product requirements. Our innovative supply chain methodologies allow us to deliver premium products with unprecedented pricing. We frequently improve product spec while still creating project savings. Dedicated project managers provide a single point of contact for our clients. We afford real estate developers, contractors, and management companies new possibilities through smarter supply solutions.

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When you engage with Pruf, you’re working with a company that believes in partnership. We aren’t looking for a singular transaction, instead we’re looking to build relationships with our client-partners in order maximize their long term energy savings benefits.
LED technology uses innovative materials to create high quality products, both premium standard and custom design, for our client-partners. LED technology reduces energy consumption by a minimum of 50% and our client-partners rely on our extensive LED knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive LED solutions that deliver significant energy and cost savings.
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